The Depot’s mission is to build resilient youth and an engaged community.

All Darien resident youth are invited to visit The Depot to create, join and participate in programs, activities, and fundraisers as well as access resources, socialize and participate in volunteer opportunities in the Darien community.

The Depot is a collaborative youth center, the first and oldest of its kind in the nation, where community needs are addressed with staff supported guidance, programming by youth, and parenting education. An alcohol and drug-free zone monitored by caring, vetted adults, The Depot provides a safe space for youth to develop leadership, planning, and decision-making skills, interact with people of different backgrounds, access adult role models and serve as community assets.

The Depot Programs

The Depot welcomes all Darien-resident middle and high school youth from MMS, DHS, private schools and home schooled to create new programs, join programs and activities, and access resources. Parent programs reflect undercurrents of strong public feelings and opinions that are detectable though not always openly discussed. The Depot starts conversations providing the scaffolding and education needed for parents to formulate an informed decision based on personal and family values. As a safe place, The Depot promotes mutual respect, patience and integrity as we learn together.