SAM_3738The Depot is a collaborative youth center where community needs are addressed with staff supported guidance, programming by youth, and parenting and community education. An alcohol and drug-free zone monitored by caring, vetted adults, The Depot provides a safe place for youth to develop leadership, planning, and decision-making skills, interact with people of different backgrounds, access adult role models and serve as community assets.

“The one thing that I find myself good at is helping others for the sole purpose of making a difference—even if it is just a smile or someone’s face. I miss volunteering. When I was on The Depot [Student Governing] Board and involved in so many different activities and volunteer work, it always made me happy and gave me a feeling of purpose.” 

“For me, the Depot was a place to have fun safely and to interact with all sorts of people in the community that I would not have otherwise through the programs and the events. I learned invaluable lessons about responsibility, organization and public speaking from being on The Depot [Student Governing] Board.”