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2017 SBG Executive Board

The Student Governing Board’s (SGB) student members in grades 9-12 are responsible for all aspects of student programs, events, fundraisers and volunteerism at The Depot and in the community. The entire Student Governing Board meet each Tuesday during the academic year except during Darien Public Schools vacation dates, midterms and finals. The Depot Program Director Janice Marzano and Assistant Program Director John Miceli oversee The Student Governing Board.

Applicants must be Darien residents attending any school or homeschooled entering grades 9-12th in the upcoming academic year. Applications for the Student Governing Board are due May 10th for the upcoming academic year.

Nine Darien residents serve an academic year on the Student Governing Executive Board. The Student Governing Board elects the Executive Board at the last meeting of April for the upcoming academic year following Robert’s Rule of Order.