The Depot is a non-profit, substance-free center that is for our Darien youth, run by Darien teens.  Our primary programs are designed to provide recreational, volunteer, leadership and educational opportunities for our Darien youth.

Frequently asked questions:

Who supervises the kids?  Our full time Program Director and Staff are on duty at all times.  The Darien Police regularly visit the Depot to establish a good relationship with the students as well.

Can anyone come?  All Darien (public, private, home schooled) high school aged teens are welcome.  Guests of Darien teens are welcome on a limited basis if accompanied by a Darien teen and sign in.

What is the Student Governing Board (SGB)?  Our SGB plans and runs all student events.  They create and reinforce the rules of conduct, and participate in ongoing leadership and volunteer activities throughout the community.  Our SGB meets once a week on Tuesday evenings under the direction of Janice Marzano, our Program Director.  While there are limited spaces, all Darien high school aged students are invited to apply for membership on our Board.

Can anyone participate in volunteer activities?  Absolutely yes!  Just give us a call.  You don’t need to be on the SGB to participate. Some of the organizations the Depot helps are:

Kiwanis Club


Darien Chamber of Commerce

Darien Youth Commission

The Community Fund of Darien

Tokeneke Pumpkin Fair/Super Bowl Breakfast

What are some of the events that The Depot sponsors?  

Open Mic Nights

Chill Nights – teens relax in front of the large screen, play pool, ping pong, volleyball tournaments, video games, play cards, order from our concession or just simply hang out!

Outdoor movie nights


Karaoke Nights

Band nights – local bands perform live on stage

4TH/5TH grade parties

Middle school Chill Nights/Movie nights

Is The Depot available to other organizations?  The Depot hosts other Darien community organizations, such as DHS sports teams, MMS 8th Grade Graduation Party, Safe Rides, YMCA FunBusters & Life Skills, Darien Kiwanis meetings, Middle School Summer Activity Program, and Kids in Crisis Youth Corps. We also invite residents to rent our space for children’s parties and other events.