Janice Marzano, Executive Director of Programming


Janice Marzano is the heart and soul of the Darien Depot, having worked with local youths for the past 17 years at the teen center.

A Stamford native, Marzano moved here to Darien with her husband and her two young sons in 1981 and quickly immersed herself in the community. She served lunch at Holmes and Tokeneke elementary school for many years, getting to know generations of Darien students, and she began working summers with the Darien Youth Commission, running a program for 7th, 8th and 9th graders.

Janice was recruited to the Depot in 2000, when it began to attract and include more middle-school students as well as high-school students, to assist with the 8th graders. In 2002, after the tragic loss of the Director of the Depot, Janice became increasingly invested in the students and took over as Director, and has since been guiding and working with Darien’s youth in every way possible. She oversees all programming and assists the Student Governing Board in all their endeavors as a friend and confidante.  She has run the summer program for 7-8-9th graders for 30 years under the Youth Commission, and she has also run TOPS for 30 years.  She continues to protect, educate, and help Darien’s teens navigate their way through high school and beyond.