We all have the capacity to give and make a difference. By volunteering to serve as a Depot Program Mentor, become a positive role model to Darien youth and spur a contagious ripple effect of generosity through the community. Mentors are matched with a youth-formed and Depot sponsored program that closely aligns with each mentor’s intrinsic values. Mentors assist youth program leaders with administrative needs ranging from business advice and creative problem solving to fundraising and mandatory metrics reporting to the Depot Executive Director.

Contact to learn more about becoming a Mentor for one of the youth programs listed below:

Sunday with Seniors: Promote and encourage intergenerational empathy, conversations and learning.

Helping Hand: Helping Hand’s goal is to raise awareness and collect supplies for the Darien Human Services Closet, which are in turn donated to Darien residents in need, especially at the holidays.

Mother / Daughter Nights: Educate and facilitate often difficult conversations about women’s health between mothers and daughters in the 7th and 8th grade.

Avenue of Dreams: Promotion and sourcing gifts-in-kind for dress collection to benefit the Connecticut Association of Foster and Adoptive Parents, Inc. (CAFAP), a statewide nonprofit organization providing training, advocacy, and support services to foster and adoptive parents in Connecticut.

Student League of Darien (SLOD): Integration of the Darien High School male community

Girls Night Out: To provide a safe, healthy environment where high school girls can learn about, discuss, and support each other while discussing sensitive, relevant topics. The Depot hosts women from FIRP, the Families in Recovery Program at every other meeting.


Motivate and Support Darien Youth: By offering to match (or double, triple or quadruple match!) any funds raised by a student led and Depot sponsored program, Program Mentors reinforce the value of pursuing intrinsic goals, lead by example, share the feeling of gratitude evoked by giving with Darien’s youth citizens.