For more information, download this detailed summary of 2015-2016 Parent and Community Programming In Support of Youth. Visit our calendar to see upcoming programs and events or sign-up for The Depot Doings, our newsletter.

Parent and community programming in support of youth: Depot hosted and sponsored programs reflect undercurrents of strong public feelings and opinions that are detectable though not always openly discussed. Open to all members of the community and their guests.

Local Partnerships in support of youth: The Depot hosts and sponsors programs in partnership with community organizations such as the Darien Police Association, the Darien Police Department, Kiwanis Club of Darien, Darien Chamber of Commerce, the Darien YMCA, Abilis, and the Town of Darien itself.  These local collaborations provide opportunities for youth to learn from mentors and other students in a friendly, interactive environment as well as host, socialize, and form friendships with special needs adults who have had a very different life experience despite living in the same town. Please see our Award Winning Programming Page to read more about how some of these partnerships work. If interested in becoming a community partner, please contact .