Sponsor a Teen

The Darien Depot has been a beacon in Darien for over twenty years, providing hundreds of community youth with a safe, secure, nurturing environment where they can eat, play, and just be themselves.

All Darien teens are welcome.  Unlike other teen centers, we never charged a membership fee because we do not want to exclude those who could not to afford to pay.

Unfortunately, the cost of running a vibrant, no fee youth center is tremendous.  Each year, our expenses increase and our income decreases.  Since we do not charge for membership, we rely heavily on individual contributions.  These contributions have become increasingly more difficult to fundraise for each year.

We have also been forced to charge a small fee for special events.  This $5 to $10 per event charge is decreased through a special Commuter Pass that allows to bearer to attend annual events for $65.00. Unfortunately, we have found out that there are still those families who are unable to afford the $65 pass.  It is for this reason that we have set up a new Scholarship Fund for those youth who are unable to afford the Depot Commuter Pass for special events.  The Depot will give these individuals a Commuter Pass so that they will be able to attend our special events without the embarrassment of their peers knowing they are unable to afford to attend.

All donations will go directly to the kids.  Funds received for the Scholarship Fund will be applied directly to the special Commuter Pass for special events.

Please send your tax deductible contribution to The Depot and sponsor a teen, or contact for more information!