SundaywithSeniorsYour dreams are important. Explore goals that go beyond academic and sports pursuits. The Student Governing Board and Board of Directors in partnership with The Depot staff emphasize activities and programs that pursue intrinsic goals. Stemming from the Latin for “inward,” intrinsic goals relate to “goods of the soul,” personal growth, close relationships, generosity, respect for those in need, community involvement, and mental health.

The Depot can host, sponsor and promote a new program series, event or fundraiser initiated and led by any Darien youth resident. Community Mentors are available to assist youth program leaders with administrative needs ranging from business advice and creative problem solving to fundraising and mandatory metrics reporting to the Depot Executive Director. If you are interested in starting a program at the Depot, make sure you are a registered Depot participant (link to registration coming) then contact Depot Program Director, to discuss your idea and get rolling!