Parents & Community Resources

The Depot has a lot to offer the community!

Visit our calendar to see upcoming programs, speakers and events.

Please visit The Depot’s calendar to find upcoming events happening this month.

Community Collaborations, Speakers & Education

The Depot is proud to collaborate with many local organizations to raise awareness and empower positive youth development. Together we hold educational programming and events for youth, parents and families. This collaboration aims to recruit award-winning, coveted speakers from around the county, state and country.  Our Partners:

  • The Thriving Youth Task Force
  • The Community Fund of Darien
  • YWCA Parent Awareness
  • Darien Human Services & Town of Darien
  • Darien Police Department
  • Darien Youth Commission
  • Darien Library
  • Darien YMCA
  • Silver Hill Hospital
  • Darien Domestic Abuse Council
  • Darien Chamber of Commerce
  • Newport Academy
  • Carnegie Prep
  • Bankwell
  • Darien Public School Parent Associations and more!

    Visit our calendar to see upcoming programs and events.

    Parent Volunteer Opportunities

    The Depot puts on several events during the academic year that require extra adult hands and we could use your help! Some events include helping with the 5th-grade parties and the 6th grade Ice Cream Social – this is a great way for you and your child to learn all about The Depot as they enter the middle school years. We also need help putting on our fundraising events, Annual Appeal and Senior Graduation Balloon Day. If you are interested in receiving a notification when adult volunteers are needed, please email



    The Depot is Available to Rent

    The Depot is available to rent for events and parties with access to all our amenities including our kitchen and snack bar, rec room and outdoor area (no alcohol permitted).

    Local High / Middle School Team Parties on weekdays – facility remains open to other teens on weekdays  $100.00 – 3 hour maximum
     Local High / Middle School Team Parties on weekends. $250 – 3 hour maximum

     Darien resident Private Party – available during non-operating hours, facility is closed toothers. $350.00 (3-hour maximum).

    Private Rentals – Organizations, Clubs, etc.

    $400 (5-hour maximum.)

    If you are interested in becoming a community partner or finding out more about how to schedule an event at The Depot, please email