The Garden Club

Garden Club

6th- 8th grade girls, Wednesdays, 3-4:30pm. Offered as a 5-week session.

Session 1 : 9/7-10/12

Session 2 : 10/19-11/16

Session 3 : 11/30-1/4

Session 4 : 1/18-2/15

Session 5 : 3/1-3/29

Session 6 : 4/5-5/10

The Garden Club is a small group program empowering middle school girls to explore avenues of personal growth by introducing the tools to blossom into strong, confident teen ladies. Vibrant lesson plans and engaging and interactive crafts will increase selflove, self-esteem and well-being offering social and emotional connections with peers in a supervised and relaxed environment. Facilitated by Assistant Program Director.