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Please note that in order for your child to partcipate in any Depot programs, events or activities, you must sign the COVID-19 Informed Consent Waivers for your student and for yourself. These are REQUIRED to be filled out and signed by a guardian prior to the start of the 2020-2021 school year.


• Student Consent Waiver: Please Click Here.

• Parent Consent Waiver: Please Click Here.

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Please read our complete COVID Policy for all pertinent information.

Please also note that The Depot requires that everyone wear 2-ply fabric mask on the premises.

In response to the pandemic, we are offering a collection of links to resources below addressing ways to manage stress and mental health, and ideas for spending time at home.  We have also included  resources for local information, and how you can help the community as a whole.


Resources for Local Information and Ways to Support the Darien Community:


To build confident youth in our community!

The Depot offers a connected and inclusive environment while providing essential programming and leadership development.

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Events & Activities

Events & Activities

For more information on any youth activity, please contact Janice Marzano at janice@dariendepot.com.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions?  We’ve got answers! Learn more about The Depot Youth Center.


Who supervises the kids?

Our full time Program Director and Staff are on duty at all times.  The Darien Police regularly visit The Depot to establish a good relationship with the students as well.

Can anyone come?

All Darien (public, private, home schooled) high school aged teens are welcome.  Guests of Darien teens are welcome on a limited basis if accompanied by a Darien teen and sign in. At the beginning of each academic year, each Darien resident youth grades 6th-12th is required to complete a Permission Registration Form prior to participating in activities hosted or sponsored by The Depot.

What is the Student Governing Board (SGB)?

Our SGB plans and runs all student events.  They create and reinforce the rules of conduct, and participate in ongoing leadership and volunteer activities throughout the community.  Our SGB meets once a week on Tuesday evenings under the direction of Janice Marzano, our Program Director.  While there are limited spaces, all Darien high school aged students are invited to apply for membership on our Board.


Can anyone participate in volunteer activities?

All High School teens in 9th Grade and above can participate in a wide variety of volunteer opportunities. The Volunteer Club is a great way to get involved – some of the organizations the Depot helps are:


Darien Chamber of Commerce

Darien Youth Commission

The Community Fund of Darien

Kind Words

What students say about us

Caitlin Feeley

Darien High School, 2019

“The Depot has always been a place I could go to instantly be a happier, less-stressed, and more confident version of myself…I can’t wait to share all the things I learned with my future friends at school and in life.”

Matthew Alvarado

Darien High School, 2018

“My personality didn’t quite align with other people’s, but that didn’t matter. The Depot itself, everything I have gone through with it, has really helped me understand that…It has made me confident in just being myself, rather than trying to fit in.”

Emily DeLeo

Darien High School, 2009

“When I was in high school my parents got divorced. It (The Depot) was a place I could go if a was upset, if I didn’t want to be at home, even if I wanted to be by myself. I thought that things that didn’t matter, mattered. And I think The Depot snapped me out of that to truly become a better person.”

Will Culliton

Darien High School, 2018

“In my four years of being part of The Depot, I have experienced tremendous growth into a leader. I started off as a shy and quiet freshman joining the SGB and SLOD and through my years of hard work and experience, I have achieved the positions of Vice President and President, respectively.”

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